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Production Designer

Asher Bilu is a renowned Australian painter and sculptor who has had more than fifty solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas and whose work is held in major public collections. He was born in Israel in 1936, and studied classical violin before beginning his career as a visual artist soon after arriving in Australia in December 1956. From the start, his art has been abstract, with particular emphasis on technological experimentation. His technique changes as he investigates the use of new media, but his work always reflects his fascination with light, and his love of science, especially cosmology, and music. For forty years he has studied classical Hindustani music on the sarode, facilitated by extensive travelling in that country. Beginning in 1982 Bilu has worked as Production Designer with Director Paul Cox, bringing his unique visual sensibility to the films Man of Flowers, My First Wife, Cactus, Vincent and Human Touch, the latter film featuring Bilu’s installations Explanandum and Amaze. In 2014 Bilu worked on Force of Destiny in both Australia and India, and included several of his own artworks in constructing the “uncle’s room” of awe and mystery. 

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