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F O R C E  O F  D E S T I N Y  wish to thank everyone at
The Austin Hosptial for their support

The Austin Hospital played a pivotal role, as you can see from the credits. Incredibly, due to refurbishments, filming was able to occur on the top floor of the hospital. Since Paul’s diagnosis with liver-cancer and subsequent transplant staff from ‘The Austin’ have built up close relationships with him and his partner Rosie also a liver-recipient. It was moving for all the crew to be filming in the building where Paul and Rosie’s transplants occurred. Prof. Bob Jones who performed Paul’s operation, played an orderly in the film, many of the Liver Transplant Unit staff, as well as doctors, nurses, patients and visitors were able to join us on set and significantly contributed to the authenticity of the hospital scenes.


This video is a tribute to all the staff that donated their time and medical knowledge (both on and off camera) during the making of  F O R C E  OF  D E S T I N Y.  We could not have made this film without your unwavering support and firm belief that this film would make a difference for patients, carers and families experiencing cancer and awaiting tissue transplantation.  


Thank you!    




Liver Transplant Unit Director – Austin Health 

“Austin Health is delighted to have been given the opportunity to contribute to this beautiful film.  The story gives unique insight into the transplant journey from the patient’s and carers’ perspectives.  It is moving, thought provoking and conveys tremendous hope”. 


Communications Director – Austin Health

“This is a film about human courage and hope; and the redemptive power of love.  It is Paul’s story but it also represents the journeys of many transplant patients whose lives are touched and transformed by the decisions of strangers.  Austin Hospital is proud to have been able to contribute to the making of this film.”


Liver Transplant Unit Social Work Team Leader – Austin Health

"Force of Destiny captures the precarious journey of liver transplantation: the fraught challenge of waiting, marked by despair, hope and uncertainty for both patient and family. Above all it is a story about love, redemption and the generosity of strangers."


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