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2004 / 101 min / 35mm / Drama

Director:  Paul Cox

Producer:  Mark Patterson

Script:  Paul Cox

Cinematography:  Ian Jones

Sound:  James Currie

Production Designer:  Asher Bilu

Editor:  Simon Whitington

Composer:  Paul Grabowsky

Cast:  Jacqueline McKenzie, Aaron Blabey, Chris Haywood, Rebecca Frith, Aden Young, Terry Norris


2004: Montréal World Film Festival Grand Prix des Amériques (Nominated)

The relationship between Anna (Jacqueline McKenzie) and David (Aaron Blabey) is tested when a wealthy gentleman, Edward (Chris Haywood), enters Anna's life. His worldliness and seductive charm awakens in Anna a consciousness that has a dramatic impact on her relationship with David. She embarks on an intimate journey of self-discovery and physical fulfilment to finally arrive at a deeper, more profound understanding of her inner needs… and the necessity for human touch and need for love.



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