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2000 / 94 min / 35 mm / Drama

Director:  Paul Cox

Producers:  Paul Cox, Mark Patterson

Executive Producer:  William Marshall

Associate Producer:  Willem Thijssen

Screenplay:  Paul Cox

Cinematographer:  Tony Clark

Sound:  James Currie, Craig Carter

Production Designer:  Tony Cronin

Composer:  Paul Grabowsky

Editor:  Simon Whitington

Cast:  Julia Blake, Charles Tingwell, Terry Norris, Robert Menzies, Marta Dusseldorp


200: Taomina International Film Festival - FIPRESCI Critics Award

Montréal World Film Festival - Grand Prix des Amériques

Toronto Film Festival - People’s Choice Award (tied with Billy Elliot)

Saint-Tropez International Film Festival - Best Film

Vissengen Film Festival, Holland - Best Film

CineVegas Film Festival, Holland - Best Film

IF Awards - Best Feature Film, Best Sound De-sign, Best Actress, Best Editing

INNOCENCE is tragicomic tale of love and lust, of tenderness and hope.  A poignant homage to the human spirit, a passionate reminder to live life to the full.   Retired organist and music teacher, Andreas Borg, discovers that Claire, his first true love, is living in the same city.  Fifty years after they shared a passionate love affair in post-war Belgium - when he was a young student of music and she was the daughter of an Australian diplomat - Andreas writes her a letter.


Claire hesitatingly responds to Andreas plea to meet again, and it soon becomes evident that their love has not faded.  Nothing feels as if it has changed; yet everything inevitably has. Knowing that time is precious, they embark on an affair as reckless, intense and tempestuous as when they were young lovers.


Andreas has been a widower for thirty years.  Claire shares a bed with her husband John, in a marriage that has dried up and emptied of all passion and zest.  Bewildered, and overcome with jealousy, John does all in his power to halt the madness.   Torn between her affection for her husband and the passionate love of her youth, Claire decides to follow her heart, regardless of the consequences.  

Chicago Sun Times - Roger Ebert - 2001

“This movie is so wise about love it makes us wonder what other love stories think they are about.”


The Guardian - Peter Bradshaw - 2003

 “A deeply felt, intelligent drama...”


Variety - David Stratton - 2008

“Innocence deals with late flowering love and old age, and the directors sensitivity shines through the material...”


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