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Trefor Prest – Sculptor

One of the most magical discoveries by Production Designer Asher Bilu was the Gallery and Workshop of Trefor Prest. The Sculptures in Force of Destiny were made by Trefor who has been meticulously creating these unique artworks for over thirty years. He and his wife Belinda live at Strangways in country Victoria and the Workshop with adjacent Gallery Space is on their property. We were extremely fortunate that Trefor and Belinda allowed us to film there.


Trefor rarely accepts commissions, preferring instead to follow his own enquiries, producing  mainly small personal pieces. He has exhibited  widely since 1972 in Australia and overseas including at the National Gallery of Victoria; ‘Volume and Form’ Singapore and the 8th International  Shoebox Sculpture  Exhibition, University of Hawaii.


For more information about Trefor and his work, please visit: 

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