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Art Director, Location & Unit Manager

After a particularly big night out early in his life Chris found that fate had tipped him into the world of thesps.  A palm reader on the pier at Southend (famous English seaside haunt of Londoners) saw him taking a journey over water and so he arrived in Australia in 1970 where his professional career started in the Sydney theatres.

Radio, television and film work soon followed where Chris discovered that he enjoyed working behind the cameras just as much as in front.

Chris Haywood has been collaborating with Paul Cox since March 1979 and has meandered his way through most of Paul’s productions ever since. 

“Force of Destiny” sees Chris as a man of many hats, being the Art Director, Unit Manager and Location Manager as well as appearing in a cameo role as the “nightmare butcher”.

Photography by Sarah Enticknap

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